#1 most beautiful shoujo

This morning I went down to the Vancouver Comic Arts Festival! It was really really great… actually I’ve never been to a indie comic show like that so it was super inspiring! So many people making original comics… dang! Made me feel less alone about drawing a webcomic because I’m usually holed up in my room, feeling like a crazy HAHAHA Everyone was really talented! I had to leave after like an hour though because I ran out of money…. I only bought four books though!? GRUMBLE… I SHOULD’VE BOUGHT… MORE…

Anyways, special thanks to my sister for tagging along with me… I get really queasy and nervous so having her next to me made things better… But Tony Cliff was there and I was totally freaking out. It literally went like this:
But I picked up Delilah Dirk and the Seeds of Good Fortune from him and then he was signing it and I was a wreck, man, A WRECK
Like I was actually uhh “squeeing"… LIKE A FANGIRL… yeah I’m pretty sure I made a fool out of myself… like at all the other tables… lol…

I also bought Silly Kingdom by Katie and Steven Shanahan, Two Keys volume 2 from Chloe and Sfeer Theory volume 1 (I THINK… CATALOGUE ONE? YEAH)! DANG THEY ARE ALL REALLY GOOD COMICS like I was flipping through Sfeer Theory and the art was so gorgeous I was DEAD like AAAAHHHHHH

anyways great day for comics GREAT

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  2. monotremata said: adslkfj you are really cute nozmo :’))) That was basically me at tcaf except I was alone because my sister stayed home to study for AP tests hahaha :’).. AHH i’m glad you had a great time though!!
  3. halfdeadmarauder said: My reaction to meeting Chloe from NewShoe, and getting her to draw in my honeydew syndrome book was the same honey
  4. undeadfreckledboys said: I’m so jealous ;A; I wanted to go really bad but I couldn’t get a ride!